About Me

  • Vocal intersectional feminist
  • PhD researcher figuring out my thesis about the nature of linguistic violence on social media
  • Co-founder of the Researcher-Activist Network
  • Digital Comms professional
  • Founder of The Feminist Fringe (currently on hiatus)
  • Based in the east of Scotland, but a west coast girl at heart
  • Theatre critic and lover of musicals
  • Amateur gardener
  • Cocktail enthusiast (a Cosmopolitan or Lemon Drop is the way to my heart)
  • Aspiring writer and clumsy poet
  • Tea over coffee, dogs over cats, wine over beer
  • Justice over every damn thing

If you’re interested, here’s a list of my words published elsewhere.

For some more context, I briefly wrote about why I returned to this blog last summer. This is my space for externalising the questions that frustrate me, the issues that motivate me, the effect world events have on me. It’s personal, messy and wordy as hell, but it’s honest.

Author: Amy

The Squealing Piglet - a nickname that started at birth and has reappeared throughout the course of my life (not least because of my "unique" laugh...*gigglesnort*) PhD candidate, intersectional feminist and occasional blogger.

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