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Misinformation on social media

We hear the word a lot - misinformation. We hear about its pervasiveness on social media even more. But what ...
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The value of knowledge sharing on social media

Why do you use social media? My top three reasons are: keep up to date with friends and familyfor work ...
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Catalogue of Published Work

The following is my portfolio of articles I have published on other websites and in print. I've catalogued my work ...
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The Appropriation of African American Vernacular English

What is African American Vernacular English (AAVE)?AAVE is an English dialect used by African Americans. Many words like salty, bae, ...
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Antiracism and Your Online Presence

A bit of backgroundResearching violence on social media, I look at language, memes, GIFs, emojis, the weight of violence in ...
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autumn leaves poem new blog post

Autumn leaves – click to read

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