Scrolling with intention

Are you scrolling to connect? Or to switch off? You can't do both at once. Not meaningfully, anyway. Your relationship ...
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Menstruation and Me

My period started today. According to my tracker, it's 6 days early. So that's fun. I'm feeling all fired up, ...
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My inability to rest

I'm on holiday. Since starting my holiday I have written 2 blog posts, signed up for an antiracism education course, ...
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the cost of kindness

The Cost of Kindness

I recently saw a Tweet about compliments: Do you ever just want to support and blogger and tell them how ...
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worrier pose gemma correll anxiety

Anxiety – In Your Head?

In your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie What's in your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh ...
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yes we bleed period products

Period Products

Beyond the pad Today, I'd like to discuss periods, because they happen. Une publication partagée par Recipes For Self Love ...
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peach fuzz

The Hymen Lie

Your sex ed class probably misinformed you I recently read this article published on Buzzfeed about the misconceptions of the hymen and ...
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My Mental Health – A Reflection

It's World Mental Health Day. More than just a hashtag, for many it's the one day a year that provides ...
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Personal Space – The Importance of Self Care

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week and social media was abuzz with hashtags, conversations and motivational memes on the ...
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I have cried at every yoga class I’ve been to so far

Since accepting that I am less than happy with my body and general well being, it has been something of ...
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